UVera is a fusion of innovation and interdisciplinary approach to skin protection against the whole spectrum of UV sun radiation as well as anti-pollution factors like Blue Light. Our mission is to provide mankind with natural & safe UV protection products with concomitant decrease in negative environmental impact on the planet. Regular synthetic chemical UV filters cause DNA damage and are strong allergens. What’s more they are responsible for destruction of coral reefs and marine ecosystem. There’s clear need for new and produced in natural environment UV sunscreen filters. We provide the solution by offering to the cosmetic market single dominating and potent UV protector. Our ecologically friendly novel compound is produced by specific species of cyanobacteria. It has great stability and uniquely wide photoprotection activity. The most important: is safe to human body as well as natural environment.


Deliver safe UV protection substance originating form the natural environment

Provide safe skin protection from UV and pollution factors

Protect coral reef and marine ecosystem


Existing UV filters (TiO2, ZnO, OCR, OXY, BM, EHMC) that can be found in most popular UV protection products cause DNA damage and may increase skin cancer risk. They also may accumulate in human tissue and are associated with endocrine-disrupting effects posing a risk to reproductive systems. Most of the are also allergenic.

What is more, sunscreen lotions destroy marine waters and coral reefs.1 billion of units of risky composed sunscreens was sold in 2018 and 2,1 billion are expected for 2029. It has been estimated that every year 14,000 tones of sunscreen wash off people and go into reef areas what increases coral mortality.

The State of Hawaii, Bonaire, Palau and some Mexican vacation spots already banned certain suntan products to prevent further damage of marine ecosystems. Right now the US Congress is looking at legislation to ban oxybenzone (OXY), based on the threat it poses to human health and environment. More bans are due in coming years.



Our ecologically friendly UV protector is produced by specific species of bacteria which are occurring in natural polyextreme environment. For the first …

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Covers the whole UV-absorbing spectrum as single compound. Our natural UV protector shows higher absorbance properties of UV than other natural…

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The technology of production is the same humble and disruptive as based on bacteria natural farm harvesting (no recombinant! …

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Magdalena Jander, PhD

CEO & Partner

biotechnologist with experience in leading life science projects

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Adam Kiciak PhD, MD

CMO & Partner

medical doctor, scientist and entrepreneur

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Jacek Wierzchoś, PhD

CTO & Partner

experienced chemist and geomicrobiologist (h-index: 32)

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Adam Aleksandrowicz, MBA

CFO & Partner

Professional financial expert with broad experience in life-science. 

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Sheila Farhang, MD

Clinical dermatologist / Formulation scientist

Board-certified dermatologist with strong clinical research background

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UVera SA is a biotech startup company devoted to engage a pure biotechnology to produce natural sunscreen substance found in specific bacteria from polyextremal environments. We offer a way to economically cultivate the bacteria and extract desired compound for human use. UVera is based on international cooperation between Polish and Spanish scientists. We are supported by a Polish seed fund – StarFinder. In 2021/2021 we will be ready to introduce to the market pure and natural substance for sun-protection products, both for daily care as well as for sunscreen.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.

UVera is a laureate of EIT Health InnoStars Award from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). This body of the European Union receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.