Adam Kiciak, PhD, MD

(CMO & Partner) – medical doctor, scientist and entrepreneur; 

When not serving as partner and medical advisor at UVera SA, Dr. Adam Kiciak is a Chief Medical Officer at NanoGroup SA, a holding company devoted to polysaccharide nanoparticles used to embed anti-cancer drugs. Previously, within BIOINVEST SA he was focused on the implementation to animal’s husbandries novel and eco-friendly feeding expertise to minimize overuse of antibiotics and ZnO and thus save humans from bacteria interspecies cross-resistance and environment from pollution. In Pfizer company, where he served as medical advisor, he was working on novel anti-bacterial and anti-fungal therapies as well as on patient’s compliance. Dr. Kiciak brings to the company more than 10 years’ experience working with surgical and gastroenterological patients, clinical trials coordination and surveillance as well as expertise in IP protection. His research interests are broadly in cancer treatment, probiotics, biodiversity, microbiome, plant extracts and developing novel pharmaceutically active leads.