Jacek Wierzchoś, PhD

(CTO & Partner) – experienced chemist and geomicrobiologist (h-index: 32).

Dr Jacek Wierzchos earned a B.Sc. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1990. J. Wierzchos is expert in geomicrobiology and microbial ecology of polyextreme arid environments and he is skilled on electron and photon microscopy. He is co-author of a pioneer method to study extant or extinct microorganisms inside rocks. His current investigation lines are focused on microbial ecology and geomicrobiology of lithobiontic microorganisms in arid and hyperarid environments, specifically: (a) characterization of endolithic microbial communities in relation to desertification processes, (b) study of bioreceptivity of lithic substrates in extremely arid environments, (c) promoting knowledge on the adaptation strategies used by lithobiontic microbial communities (d) determination of the limits of lithobiontic microbial life in hyperarid and (e) identification of microbial secondary metabolites with possible biotechnological applicability.